Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello, I'm still here! Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello there,

Long time, no write!  I am still here at Sunny Acres and have learned a lot.  I've learned a lot about myself and about the people who live here at this clean and sober living facility.  I just have not felt much like writing and so I haven't.  I just checked the statistics on this blog and have found, surprisingly and pleasantly, that there are people still tuning in even though I haven't added anything in quite a while.  To you faithful (or new) followers, I thank you very much!

Several days ago I got a pleasant surprise in the morning.  I received a phone call and it was Will Blackwell and Bob Coder calling me from Honduras!!  It was great to hear their voices and especially to have their encouragement.  Thank you Will and Bob!!!!

I will write more later, I promise....................................................

God bless,


  1. Hey there Craig, I joined the blog site in order to stay connected with you and the wonderful folks in your life. The passion is apparent in your associates. It was wonderful to hear from you, and know you are on the road of your life purpose. I am currently in Portland Or....... just finished building a new kitchen here for some folks. Tomorrow I leave for home to start my SUMMER!!!! Incidently I am intrigued by Central America and will visit soon. Northeastern Guatemala is one of many places I will trek, I will hike till I no longer can. Smiles!! BOOTS

    1. Hi Mike! I just found your comment- it's 10/9/14! Good to hear from you....I wrote you a while back after finally finding your Facebook message under a pen name. I didn't think to check here for a reply. I am reading my own blog now because it was 4 years ago that I went on The Walk, and it is good to read what I wrote on the same day those 4 years ago. I hope that all is well with you and I hope to hear from you and see you again sometime. May you have blessed travels yourself my friend! Craig