Sunday, January 16, 2011

When this all started............... Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello everybody,

"When this all started."  What do I mean by that?  And what is "this all?"  First, I'll say that it all started when I was born!  People sometimes ask when I first believed, and I realize that I always have.  He has always been there- it's just that I haven't always been there too!  Now, what I mean by when this all started is this- I have been feeling God's hand upon me heavily for a few years recently.  I figure that He must have thought it was time for me to start moving towards what it was that I was supposed to be moving towards!

On July 5, 2007, I became the proud new owner of a used, but new-to-me, bright red, fast, motorcycle.  Did I mention it was fast?  It was!  It is a street bike, and I loved it.  I had no fear while riding it, but much respect.  Fear, while doing something critical like riding a motorcycle, can only cause problems.  I remember when I was learning to drive an 18-wheeler on the busy freeways in the bay area- that fear itself is dangerous.  I remember the driving instructor looking over at me and asking me, "Are you scared?"  Well, the truth was that I was afraid, but I didn't just hide it, I took control of it.  I knew that panicking from fear while driving that big truck would be dangerous, so I didn't allow myself to become afraid.  Same with the motorcycle.  I got braver and braver on that motorcycle- my confidence improved with time.  There's that line, the line between confidence and stupidity- you know what I mean.  Well, I went fast at times, but that kind of motorcycle is designed for that, so I felt confident.  I don't believe I ever pushed the limit past what was safe.  I loved riding it.  I've heard that it is almost as good as flying an airplane.  So why am I telling you all of this?  I rode that bike for a good year, without any mishaps (well, serious ones anyways!).  I learned some powerful lessons on that thing- like the power of choice.  While riding, it became extremely obvious how critical and powerful were the consequences of the choices I made.  How fast to go?  What risks to take?  What weather to ride in?  Only having two wheels and being a small moving target seriously impacts the way you think.  I loved firing it up and roaring off down the road.  Then one day I started it up and I had a fearful feeling that had not been there before.  I started to think about "what if."  As I rode, I started to think about what was around the corner ahead.  What if there was a car that shot around the corner and came right at me?  What would I do?  What if I crashed?  I had never had these thoughts before.  I could not enjoy the ride.  I parked the bike in the garage.  A few days later, I started it up, thinking maybe the fear would be gone.  No, it came right back.  I went for a short ride, but it was no fun.  I turned around and parked it again, and while doing so I recognized Who was talking to me.  I knew Who it was.  I felt God telling me that I had a purpose and that riding this motorcycle was taking an unnecessary risk.  I listened.  However, I did try to ride it once again months later, but the same feeling was there.  That bike sits in the garage to this day!  Does anyone want to buy a motorcycle?  Seriously.  I need to sell it soon.  I tried to explain to people about the whole thing- some understood, some didn't.  What matters is that I understood.  And that, my friends, is when the ball started picking up speed as it rolled towards The Walk.   

God bless,

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