Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good morning this Thursday, Feb 24, 2011

Good Morning!

As I woke up I lay there and thought and prayed.  Sometimes I think too much, and all of those thoughts buzzing around create a lot of noise and disturbance.  I remember in years past, and for so long, that I was afraid to quiet my mind because I was afraid of what might fill the void.  I was afraid of God.  I was afraid of what He may ask me to do.  I don't have that fear anymore.  Well, a little at times, but not anything like before.  So now I lay there and wipe my mind clean, and it feels great!  I lay there and say thank you over and over.  I am thankful that God did what He did when He sent His son here.  Jesus chose to go through with the plan and he gave his life for me- and when he did, he cleared the way so that I can go directly to my Father, with no fear, and with no obstacles.  So now I am thankful that this is so, because I realize that what has hurt most all of my life is my unmet needs, and now I fully realize that my greatest need is to just be with my Father, and I am.......................


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