Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hey there from San Luis Obispo. Thursday, Dec 2, 2010

Hello all,

I am still in San Luis Obispo.  I am staying with a friend, Erik Poor, who I met up in Anchor Bay many weeks ago.  He has graciously offered me a place to stay while I am in SLO.  My daughter, Kate, goes to college here, and is busy with work and school.  I am sticking around so that I can spend some time with her around her busy schedule.  Tonight we are going downtown to check out the Farmer's Market, which I hear is pretty good!  I have been helping Erik work on a house across the street to earn my keep while I am staying here.

I miss walking.  I miss meeting the people.  There is something wonderful about walking along like I did.  I don't necessarily mean wonderful like "awesome" or "beautiful", but more like the root of the word itself- "wonder."  "Full of wonder."  That is exactly how I feel.  I miss the people I met.  There was something so real, so visceral about each and every meeting.  I don't know so much if it was me, the Walk, or the persons themselves that gave me this feeling.  Maybe it was a combination of all of them.  But the best way to describe it is to say that it has all caused me to wonder.  The Walk was a story that wrote itself.  It was real.  Now if I continue to write, it will be my own thoughts and feelings......but what I think was most attractive about my blog writing as I went along was that it simply was a narrative about what I had experienced.  I threw in my interpretations here and there about what I thought some things meant, and the lessons that one could derive from the experience, but overall it was me passing on to you what I had experienced.  I believe that what I have experienced is exactly what God wanted me to experience.  I wish that everyone could experience it- it was real, more real than day-to-day life.  Yes, it was fun, but it was much, much more than that.  I saw the best side of everyone I came in contact with- I mean everyone, and also immediately.  I was privileged, as I have said, to hear many people's stories right from the beginning of our meeting.  So how is The Walk different from the day-to-day ordinary walk that I have done every day of my life?  I wonder.  I could say what I think right now, but what do you think?

God bless,

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