Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Last Day in SLO!!!!!! Comin' home! Wed, Dec 22, 2010

Hello everyone!

Today is my last day in San Luis Obispo.  It is also the 22nd.  If you will recall, I started this Walk on Sept 22- so it is exactly 3 months to the day!!!!!  Wow!  I do miss my family and friends...........  I'll be home for Christmas!!!!!!

I am going to fly home.  I looked into taking the bus, but when I found out that, in this modern age, I had to show up at the bus station at 2:40 am and pay the driver directly to board, I decided not to take the bus!  Hard to believe this is the case with a major bus line and after the advent of the internet!!  So anyways, airplane it is........

Staying here at Sunny Acres has been a very interesting experience.  I have learned much.  I have observed much.  I have learned a lot about myself while being here....... a lot to digest..........

Did I tell you about the friend I made here named Paul?  I think I did.  He is an ordained minister and he came and left Sunny Acres about the same times as I.  We have had some very enlightening talks about our faith.  The last two Sundays we have gone to two different churches together.  The first Sunday it was me, Dan DeVaul, and Paul going to church together- what an interesting bunch!!!!!  Anyways, remember my friend Erik Poor, who I met up the coast a while back- he's the one I stayed with in SLO when I first got here?  It turns out that he and Paul know each other from about 8 years back!  Paul hired Erik as a bouncer years ago.  Also, when Paul learned that I had worked for the California Conservation Corps over 10 years ago he asked me if I knew an Anthony J.  I remembered Anthony and we both blurted out Anthony's nickname, "BB," at the same time!  But guess what?  BB is Paul's cousin!!!  Small world! 

Please keep the Coders and the children in your prayers.  They have moved to a new house in San Pedro Sula.  Please pray also for Will Blackwell, who is going to live in Honduras soon.  Please pray for Sunny Acres and all the people here too. 

I will write more later.............

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
God Bless,

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  1. are you going to keep blogging? If so, are you going to update the whole title & etc.?