Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello from Limekiln State Park. Fri Nov 19, 2010

Howdy doody!

I didn't make it to Kirk Creek!  I got here last night just before dark and two miles before Kirk Creek.  It is raining, so I am holed up here in John's trailer.  He is the camp host at this beautiful park and is letting me use his internet.  Thanks John!

I have more great stories about my experiences.  I will write as much as I can, but I am doing it on the smallest keyboard I have ever used!

When I left Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park a few days ago, I stopped down the road at a small store for some supplies.  An older gentleman saw my banner sign with the kids on it and we struck up a conversation.  He lives nearby and expressed interest in me coming to his Tuesday night Bible study at the local Grange hall.  So I did!  Ian (that's his name) showed me where I could camp by him and later a man named Jack came and picked us up.  I got to stand up and share the story about the Coder kids and The Walk.  Some of the people there are interested in supporting the kids!  I had a great time getting to know Ian and hearing his faith story.  You see, Ian is homeless and used to live in Golden Gate Park for many years.  He had some habits that he is breaking.  He told me how he is a completely changed man in this last year since he met Jesus!  Once again it is a privilege to meet someone like him and to hear him tell me his story.  I camped that night by him in a beautiful spot overlooking the coast.  Thank you Ian!!  May God continue to bless you!

I would like to write more, but I don't have the time or patience to type on this tiny keyboard any more!  I will write more later when I have more time...

I continue to have a grand time and to be blessed by meeting so many brothers and sisters... I will tell you more later...

Thank you,
God Bless,

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