Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello from Half Moon Bay on November 1, 2010


Well, yesterday was a first!  I can now tell you what the back seat of a police car looks like from the inside!  Even while in college I never experienced such a ride!  I was walking over the Devil's Slide area between Pacifica and Montara, and was interested to note that the highway here was very narrow!  I thought that Highway 1 was narrow up north, but this has that beat.  Yesterday's walk was the longest yet- about 28 miles or so from San Francisco to the Montara Lighthouse hostel.  I was enjoying the breeze from all the cars whizzing by and was crossing the highway here and there to get to the outside of the turns where it is safer.  All of a sudden there was a local police officer pulling up in front of me!  He got out and asked where I was going so I told him.  He directed me across the highway to where he said the shoulder was wider.  He stopped traffic for me!  I got to the other side and was there for about 2 minutes when a California Highway Patrol officer pulled up right in front of me again!  He got out and asked where I was going- he also said that they had been getting calls about some guy pushing a stroller!  I said, "Yep, that's me!"  He was very concerned for my safety and offered me a ride.  How could I resist?!?  I probably couldn't, come to think of it!  We put my backpack in the trunk and my stroller in the back seat.  I got in next to it- not much leg room at all- what's up with that?  I felt a little criminal- actually for "cheating"- by not walking that mile and a half that he gave me!  Oh well.  He delivered me to the gate of the hostel.  I told him what I was doing and left him a card!  They were both exceptionally nice, and for that experience I am grateful.  Thank you officers! 

I spent the night at the Montara Lighthouse hostel.  Google it.  It is beautiful! 

I would write more now, but I cannot, as I am on a library computer in Half Moon Bay with a timer on it.  I will try to write from the Pigeon Point hostel tomorrow night.  I have some more good stories.................


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  1. didn't you feel at home in the cop car? ah ahhahahahaaaa. But, seriously, 28 miles in one day is amazing. You're just like a walking star.