Thursday, March 31, 2011

HELLO FROM SUNNY ACRES!! Thurs March 31, 2011

Hello there,

I'm sitting in my new-to-me room in the Sunny Acres farmhouse.  It is room number 1 and it was vacant- now I know why- it is between the community kitchen and the bathroom!  I am still moving my stuff in and hopefully I will paint it before I get too moved in.  Right now the thermometer in my room says 80 degrees!  It is quite warm!  The sun is out and it is hot!  I'm not used to this, but I think I can adjust!

Last night I walked over to Erik's house down the road about a mile.  Remember Erik?  He is the one that I made friends with up the coast on my walk and then he put me up on his couch for about a week at the end of my walk.  He was outside talking with a neighbor and I surprised him!  He knew I was coming sometime, but wasn't sure when.  Also, the first night I was here my daughter Kate called me up and came to get me.  We went out to dinner and she told me about her recent trip to New York City.  She was thinking about moving there, but after her visit she has concluded that she is a "California girl"!

Anyways, I continue to unpack and get settled in.  I like the people here.  They are very friendly and they seem to be happy that I am here- so that is a real blessing!!

I will continue to write as I have time..........

God bless,

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  1. its about time you updated your blog. I could do it faster, and I even have two cats sitting on me right now.