Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011 Happy 50th Birthday to me yesterday!!

Well, I'm officially at the top of the hill now!  I turned 50 yesterday!  I figure that I still have a lot of good miles left.

I continue to pack to move to Sunny Acres.  I called Dan a week or so ago and gave him a date- he will drive up here on March 23 to move me down there.  Isn't that nice of him?  I think so.

I have been doing a lot of wrestling lately- and I have done a lot of that for quite some time, actually.  What I wrestle with is to try to understand things to try to control outcomes.  I have to say that I haven't won many matches!!  We need to wrestle and struggle though.  Dads- remember wrestling on the living room floor with your kids?  You had superior strength, but you didn't use it to overpower your child.  Sometimes you pinned him, and sometimes you let him struggle until he pinned you.  Look at nature.  Animals are always wrestling with their young- it's how they learn.  Sometimes we can get down on ourselves and condemn ourselves for not being able to learn a lesson, or from not being able to learn it as fast as we would like.  Sometimes it seems that we can wrestle for the better portion of a whole lifetime, and still not gain much ground.  But we need to be kind to ourselves, because if we feel secure in judging ourselves, then it is not too great a step to then condemn our neighbors.  After all, if we can kick our own selves in the rear, and it is okay, then we feel justified in doing it to one another.  Know what I mean?

Remember the story of Jacob wrestling all night with "a man".  Well, it was God Himself, actually.  And Jacob wrestled with Him all night and God did not pin him.  God did not use His superior strength to win.  Like a loving Father, He could see that Jacob would not let up, and He let His son, Jacob, prevail.  God left Jacob with a blessing......and a name change- "Israel."  Israel means "struggle with God".  God also struck Jacob's hip, and Jacob walked with a limp after that.  I suppose that was to serve as a reminder of that night when they wrestled.................

Continue in your struggles with life, continue to wrestle with God............and may His will be done, and may you prevail...................

God bless,

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