Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 6 I'm still going but the pack is still heavy!!!!!

Hate to whine- but that pack is still heavy!  But before I continue sobbing, I'd like to thank Emily for posting for me and feeding my cat, and also a thank you to Leslie for her nice scripture verse- I appreciate all that you all are doing to help.  ALSO, please remember that you can post comments that I look forward to reading.  Anyways, right now I am in a cabin in the Miranda Gardens motel in Miranda.  I think I did about 11 miles today- another beautiful day.  I met a nice lady in the store in Myers Flat named Denise.  She said she would spread the word about the Walk.  All who are helping to spread the word, I thank you- that is how this can succeed.

I am looking over all of my gear strewn all over the room.  I am culling out every little ounce that I can spare!  I am also waiting for David and his wife to bring me a homemade dinner of Indian food!!!!!!  They own a store in the same location that my parents had their store in here in Miranda in the 70's. I am finding out just how kind and hospitable people are- it softens me and encourages me to be more hospitable myself.  Thank you everyone.   I'm going to give my culled gear to David and he said he would take it to Burlington Campground for me.  There they can give it out to hikers and cyclists who may be in need.  Someone had left some shaving cream, a razor, and Sterno cans in the food box at my hiker/biker campsite.  I took the shaving cream and left a few maps, some candy, and 4 quarters for the showers.  Now I can contribute more!!

This morning I met Carl, a lone cyclist from Oklahoma who had resumed last years journey this year in Arcata.  He was also camped at Burlington.  He said that he likes to travel alone because he then interacts with strangers- something he said most are not inclined to do if they are with their own group.  He is 23 and just graduated from college- a gutsy young man.  He forgot his fuel cannister, so I heated him up some water and fed him some oatmeal- he was pretty happy with that!  He said that he had not done much prior planning!  It was great to be able to  help him.

Walking along the Avenue of the Giants is beautiful.  I have had wonderful weather and am grateful for that.  I met some other great people and everyone is very friendly and helpful.  One man I talked to when I first got in to Miranda recommended that I go to the newspaper office in Garberville, and he told me how to get there too.  So anyways, I splurged tonight and got a cabin--along with a soak in a hot bubble bath!!!

I think I am leaning towards going on Hwy 1 instead of 101.  Any comments from out there?

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to look up Dan, a friend in Redway.  If any of you knows anyone along my route, I'd love to meet them!

Well, I'm going to get going.  I have to lighten that pack!

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Please keep the Coders and the children in your prayers.

God is good,


  1. instead of shaving cream, you could lather up with bar soap. If you have a small bar of soap from a motel, that shouldn't weigh much. Mike uses shaving soap cakes.

  2. btw, re: Carl, you wrote "He forgot his fuel cannister..." Isn't it spelled canister?

  3. Hi Craig,,,
    Glad to hear your'e doing good...
    Being from the Bay Area, I have been on Hwy 1 many times..I think you can directly get on 1 after the Golden Gate Bridge. I know it from Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, to Santa Cruz. A Beautiful way to go..Be Well. Be Safe...Mary

  4. Hi Craig. I am so proud of you! Hwy 1 is a beautiful way to go. I think you need to think about what would make you more comfortable. Hopefully the weather stays good. Both ways are ok. Hwy 1 would be a bit longer and less people. God bless.

  5. Howdy Craig. The Hwy.1 idea sounds better than 101; slower traffic, more places to camp, it's not a freeway and 'way more scenic. Much cooler too. And, it will bring you out right at the Golden Gate Bridge. You will be able to interact with more bikers/hikers too.
    Hope you had a good day today.