Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day Two- 13.5 miles on Sept. 23!!

Hello.  Day two is over.  I walked from Fortuna south to the north end of the Avenue of the Giants.  I plan to take the Avenue, as it should be cool, beautiful, and safer!  I confess that I am sleeping on Sharon's couch again tonight- her sweet daughter Emily came and picked me up this evening.  Tomorrow night will be my first night out "on the road."  We'll see how this all goes.  The only way to find out is to try.  Today I got to share the story of the kids with a number of people.  I like people so that is a fun part of all this.  The most powerful way to help these kids is to spread this news around via the internet, however, this evening I had the local channel 3 news contact me for an interview tomorrow morning!  So if you are local- tune in tomorrow (I think it will be on tomorrow evening- maybe).

I feel better today, but still am sore and hurting.  I continue to be touched by the interest and the kindness that people are showing me and these kids.  I confess that my faith in my fellow man was weaker than I thought.  It is my heart that needs to be softened up, and it is.  I suppose all of our hearts could use a little softening!  When we find something real, something genuine, someone truly in need... it then is a pleasure to lend a hand, isn't it?  And so I thank you again for tuning in here and listening to me...

May we all seek God's face, and His heart........,

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