Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day Seven-Sept. 28, 2010

Well I am just north of Redway staying at my sixth grade friends house, Chris Brannan.  It was another beautifully sunny hot day today. Once again I do not have Internet connection so I phoned Emily with updates for her to post for me.  
The people I meet continue to be awesome. Today was the first day that I had anyone stop and ask if I needed a ride. And it happened twice!!! The people I am meeting still amaze me. That's what is going to help spread the word about the Walk, the Coders and their children.  
Don't forget that you can leave comments for me here on the blog.  Even if I don't have Internet connection that day Emily reads them to me when I phone in to give her postings for my blog.  I enjoy seeing your comments-even if it is just to say Hi and letting me know your out there. 
Please keep the Coders and their children in your prayers,

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  1. Hi Craig,
    Hope you're doing well out there. I'll bet it will be a lot cooler over on Hwy. 1. Have you reached a decision on that yet?
    Good luck and good walking.