Friday, October 8, 2010

Greetings from Fort Bragg, California! Friday, Oct 8, 2010

Hello there!

I've made it this far!  I have to confess that I struggle with fear, doubt, and my backpack!  This one is better, but it still is there!  Thank you Sharon for writing my blogs for me. 

I am camped at MacKerricher State Park, north of town.  I walked in to town to take care of some business- such as what I am doing right now- writing to you.  I also got a little more assertive and walked into the local newspaper office- they photographed me and did a short interview.  As I left, I saw a small local TV studio, so I went in and the same thing!  They videoed me for a small, local spot! 

I'd like to share what is on my mind and heart.  When I walk it is beautiful, but also lonely.  I am alone with my thoughts and that can be difficult.  That is when doubt and fear creep in.  I can't say that I have come to terms with them.  It seems to be an ongoing struggle.  They are both practical and spiritual in nature.  Practically, I worry about the road ahead- where will I stay when I get somewhere where there is nowhere to stay.  I think about food and water.  I think about the weather.  I envy cyclists as they coast by.  I confess that I am also in town to look into getting a bike- another struggle that I wrestle with.  Spiritually I wrestle with what I am doing.  Some people have said that I am "tempting" or "testing" God.  I understand that because I wonder if I am also.  Does God protect and guard and provide for those who voluntarily step out in faith?  I hope so.  I know that many of us find Him when we are forced to, you know, when your spouse dies, or you lose your job, or some other catastrophe......then we come to Him on our knees, knowing that He is the only One who answers.  But what about the voluntary leap?  That is what I struggle with.  I don't think this whole thing is my idea, or is about me, but I am the one who is jumping.  I am not the poster boy for faith and courage.  This all shows me how lacking I am.  I'm finding that the journey of faith is hard.  I suppose I've always judged things and if they are meant to be by how they "flow" or how easily they come.  So this Walk does not come easily.  What does that mean?  Is it "tempting" God, or is it that the walk of faith is hard?  I think I know the answer.  When you pay close attention to Jesus' words, you see that when you choose to really, truly, try to follow Him, He warns that it will be tough.  I guess I wished it would be easier.  Then to compound it, when it isn't easy, then I wonder if I am on the right track at all.  I just wanted to share this with you all.  There is no sense trying to hold my head up high and say that everything is OK when it isn't.  It is good, but it is challenging.  'Course I guess I asked for a challenge!  Be careful what you ask for, as they say, because you might get it!

Those are some of my thoughts and challenges.  Now for some inspiring stuff.  The people I've met are awesome!  I can't even write about the all the people I've met in my short time out- there isn't enough space!  When I get down, or feeling negative, God sends something or someone my way that is GOOD!  We travelers have all agreed that TV has done us a disservice.  TV reports on the fearful and the negative- not all of TV, but a lot of it- enough that it has implanted this fear and negativity into our minds.  The world has plenty of bad in it, and with it, bad people, but it also has A LOT OF VERY GOOD PEOPLE!!  I have met good people, brave people, kind people, and also notice a lot of people selfishly living in their own little world.  Something that gets me down is the people driving on the road that don't even look my way when they drive only 3 feet away!  The ones that do see my wave often don't wave back.  You wouldn't think this is a big deal until you are in my shoes.  I find myself thankful and encouraged by small things- things that aren't really that small- things like a smile, honk, and/or a wave, things like a spot of shade, things like the breeze created by a passing truck, things like a small creek that can provide water.  Our mode of transportation profoundly affects how we think.  Think about that the next time you see someone walking or riding a bike.  You can tell by looking at them that that is their only source of transportation.  The homeless and the traveler need our kindness.  Now about the inspiring people!!!!  Last night I met a cycling couple from Spain.  They are on the "Pan-American" tour.  They started in June in Anchorage, Alaska, and are on their way to Argentina!!!  They often don't know where they will end up at night- they go on faith.  Last night there was a woman cyclist traveling solo from Portland, OR down to LA.  She has also biked solo through Asia!  I keep finding that I am the "baby" traveler out here- although they all acknowledge that carrying a pack and walking is pretty crazy too!!  I struggle with my fears and doubts, and then I meet up with these cyclists, and that both renews and challenges me.  They are very encouraging.  I am continually blown away by their courage, faith, and abilities....... my heartfelt thank-you goes out to all of you cyclists. 

Then there are the fellow believers that strengthen me along the way.  A man by the name of Ron stopped me on the Leggett hill and asked if I wanted a ride.  I said no, but I indicated that I would like to talk to him.  I told him what I was up to and he wrote a generous check to the Coder children!  Then, when I logged in here to check my e-mail, he had sent me a note giving me his address and phone number in the Bay Area, along with an invitation to look him up or call if I needed help!  God bless you Ron!  Today, I went into the bowling alley for a big, greasy cheeseburger for lunch.  I got to talking to the waitress/cook named Bonnie.  What a sweet heart!  I told her what I was up to and shared some of my thoughts and feelings with her.  She shared her faith with me and I thanked her sincerely, because it came when I needed it.  Later, down the street I was going to ask a lady who has a gift shop for some directions...she saw my banner signs, read the front one, and asked to know more!!  She is one of the blessed few who have done so, and how thankful I am!  We had a good talk and she bolstered my faith and prayed for me.  She also said she would spread the word about The Walk at her church.  She gave me her card and said to call if I needed anything!  God bless you Laura!  Further down the street I approached the local library in hopes of getting on line there- no luck, closed on Friday.  I had a great visit with a lady named Beverly who was riding here scooter.  As we talked, a young lady named Kate was locking up her bike.  I told her that the library was closed.  She was bummed out because, like me, she was hoping to use the internet there.  It turns out that she is biking alone from Arcata to San Francisco on a little bike with a sleeping bag and a cloth bag hanging from the handlebars.  The little bag holds her food, clothing and water....she certainly doesn't have all the stuff I am carrying!  She said she sleeps along the road.  I ask that you pray for this brave young lady.  Some of you may think that she is crazy, or unwise...and you may think the same of the solo women cyclists I've met, and you may be right.  But when you talk to them you see something else that is very refreshing and encouraging, and that is their belief in the goodness of their fellow man, and also their own courage and faith in action.  Where are you when it comes to this?  Xavier, the man from Spain, said that if you worry about everything that could happen, you'd never leave the house.  So there are the "believers" out there.  Some are Christian, some are not.  Doesn't really matter to me- I'm not the judge.  There is one thing I know, and that is that God's Kingdom can only be promoted by those who really believe.  This life is not about us- what we want, how to get it, how to keep it... it is about loving God first by taking an honest look around and acknowledging that He is the only One who created everything there is.  He alone provides the wind, the sun, the rain....everything that provides for all of our needs.  He then provided His only Son, so that we could get to know Him personally again.  What awesome things to be thankful for!! It is our selfishness and self-centeredness that breaks God's heart.  You parents- you know how this feels.  How do you feel when your child, or your children fight amongst themselves?  How do you feel when you see them only thinking about themselves?  It is not so hard to understand God's feelings when we put ourselves in His shoes, we know how He feels, don't we?  Be appreciative and kind to your neighbors- we don't often realize just what a blessing our neighbors truly are!!
Well, I'm getting tired of typing!  Please send me e-mails at  Also please check out the Coder's Widows Mite website at   And please keep tuning in here.  Please help me by spreading the word about The Walk.  Many can be reached that way, and then the few who respond because they want to will be enough!!  This is for those who are touched and want to help.  There are many worthy causes out there, and if this one isn't for you, then find one that is!  Thank you for your prayers- I appreciate and need them.  Please pray for my family and for the Coders and the kids.

God bless you all,


  1. Craig,I know that God is with you, and he is proud of what you are doing!
    god bless.

  2. All the best to you on your journey. My wife and I drove Hwy 1 from Seattle to LA this past summer. But you are experiencing this glorious trip in a much more personal way. I envy your adventure.