Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello from Jenner, California! Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello all!  I've put in a couple of long days!  I think I walked about 18 miles or so each day.  Right now I am in the parlor of the Jenner Bed and Breakfast Inn- how's that for roughing it?  A nice man in Jenner called ahead to the campground that I was going to try to make it to only to find that there were no sites available.  So now I have a room with a bed, with towels, with hot water, with heat, with everything!  I am certainly thankful for these things now that I have been without them for a while.  Never take anything for granted! 

I had a nice surprise yesterday.  My friend Melanie was coming to Gualala for a run on Saturday, so we made arrangements for her to meet me at my campsite.  She came and got me and she took me out to dinner in town!  Thank you Melanie!  Thank you also for the stack of quarters you gave me for showers (I don't know if that was a hint or not!).  When I left the campground in the morning I realized that I had not taken a picture of Melanie, so I sent her a text message and guess what?  After her run, she drove down the coast to find me, and we took pictures of each other!
I want to write about something that I am thinking about.  Remember that it is just my thoughts and is simply a different perspective.  As I have been walking down the coast, I have seen many, many "No Trespassing" signs posted on gates, trees, fences, buildings, etc.  Sometimes there are three or more in close proximity!  I understand entirely why these signs are there.  But there is something else that I keep thinking about as I continue to see them.  Do you know what the third word is that most of us learn as toddlers?  The first is "Mama."  The second is "No." And the third is................."Mine!"  All those signs seem to scream out, "Mine!"  It's just such a contrast to the hospitality that I have been repeatedly shown that I can't help but notice it and have these thoughts- know what I mean?  Just thought I'd write about it..............

Today I was walking along and I saw a man in a yard along with two young men.  I've seen quite a few people out and about, but this man called out to me, so I stopped.  His name is Jose and he is from Stockton.  He was here on the coast to do some maintenance work to his parent's vacation property.  He said that he had seen me the day before by Gualala and had noticed my stroller!  He was interested in what I am doing with the Walk.  He told me that the two young men weren't his boys, but he treats them like they are!  He said he tries to get them out of Stockton, and to the coast, where it is safer, healthier, and not in Stockton!  I could tell that Jose is a good man- he is mentoring these two and that is great!  Hours later, when I was almost into Jenner, they pulled up, got out and talked to me.  I took their picture again- Jose, Raul, and Richard.  Thank you guys for your caring and your interest!

Earlier in the day I heard a honk and it was Erik and his wife Sandy from Anchor Bay campground!  They pulled over, got out and talked to me!  Amen!  Erik said he would get in touch with the radio in San Luis Obispo to try to arrange some sort of "homecoming" when I get there!!!  That would be great!  Later I heard a honk and "Hey Craig!"  It was his father-in-law Steve and his wife Linda.  They talked to me out their window as they drove by.  This afternoon and evening was a road race as all the weekenders from the Bay Area were returning home!  Lots of traffic.  Only a couple close calls!  Just kidding!......well, one maybe!

Faith.  God rewards faith.  He doesn't necessarily reward "Christians" as much as he rewards people who have faith.  God sends the rain on everyone.  When I was in Israel, I learned that rain is a blessing.  We, who live on the north coast of California may not agree, but it is true.  No rain means no crops, no water, no hydroelectric power...........  God sends His blessings on us all.  It is by His grace that He does this.  Grace is "God's unmerited favor."  Those who don't believe in Him still receive His grace, and I think with time these people may come to see that Someone was looking out for them- that all the good that came their way was more than just chance.  I think that is God being patient, knowing that someday even the most hard-of-heart may come to Him when they realize His providence.  God is patient and kind.  Now how much more faith believers should exhibit!!  Those who know He exists, and those who have a personal relationship with Him are in a position to step out, to know that He is there to assist us when we work out His will in our lives and in the world.  I believe that God is looking to us like the Army is "Looking for a few good men."  He grants His providence to all, and how much we can accomplish when we step out in faith to do His will!

Remember to please help by passing on the word about The Walk and why it is happening.  It is to help the Coders and their children in Honduras.  I am just getting the word out.  It is none of my business what happens after I tell the story and hand out my card.  It is between God and the person I talked to- know what I mean?  This is a long-term project.  These kids need continuous help until they grow up and go out into the world.  Visit their website at 

Please write to me so that I know you are out there and are listening!  My on-the-road email address is

Thank you for tuning in again!
May God Bless You,

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