Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday, Oct 3, 2010. Getting ready to hit the road again!

Hello everyone!

I'm getting ready to hit the road again tomorrow.....I'd like to share a few things first.  You know from my last blog that I was considering changing to a bike.  I spent the day on Friday gathering facts and figures- I looked at bikes and all the associated gear, as well as a new, better backpack.  I prayed for guidance, as I was finding that it was not an easy choice.  Cycling would be easier, but costlier and quicker.  I haven't looked to make this walk too hard, but I don't want it to be too easy either.  If I stuck with walking, I have all the gear (except a pack that truly fits me!) and would remain true to "The Walk".  However, the area between my shoulder blades was suffering, and that couldn't be denied.  I struggled all day...and prayed for guidance- walk or ride.  In the afternoon I went to a bookstore and found a book on cycling the west coast.  It spelled out the entire Canada to Mexico trip in 50-mile increments.  Each day began and ended at a good place to stay.  What I found when I read this guide was that I became more unnerved.  I want to confess to you that I am not the poster boy for faith and courage!  My greatest concern is what to do every evening- where to stay along Highway 1- the route that I am going to take along the coast.  So far that has not actually been a problem in the week I've been out.  But it still is on my mind.  So when I read this guide, I thought, "I'm only going to be able to do around 15 miles per day, so what about those segments between the 50 mile end points?"  Know what I mean?  What is within that 50 mile section?  Friday evening I was driving along and the answer came to me.  I realized that I was letting fear get control again.  I was trying to replan the trip to make it easier and to alleviate my fears.  I was trying to take the wheel back.  I recalled that this trip was not only to raise funds for the children in Honduras, but it was also to build my faith and courage.  I looked at the couple I helped on Thursday- they had no idea that the man they passed walking would be the one to drive them both and their gear down the road!  I thought about the conversations that I have had with cyclists telling me about all the kind and helpful people they have experienced- and my experiences thus far have confirmed that.  I recalled the Israelites in their exodus from Egypt, and how God had saved them with great miracles and had always sustained them in the wilderness.  You remember the story and how it is easy to look at those people and condemn them for their lack of faith and trust.  They, as we, experience God's providence yesterday and today, yet how hard it is to trust that He will provide tomorrow.  I say this because it is a confession on my part- I am guilty of the same.  God finally lost patience with His people, and that is why they had to wander for 40 years- remember?  What I am finding is that to seek faith and courage is not a "nice" thing to do, but is something that borders on a command to do.  We are to trust our Father completely.  Easy to say, hard to do.  So anyway, I went and bought a very good backpack on Saturday.  My sincere thank you to a young man named John, who spent much quality time with me fitting a pack to my short torso!  Thank you John, if you are reading this!  I have culled a few more things from my pack to reduce weight and volume.  The hardest thing to part with is my netbook computer.  I will trust instead that some kind souls along the way will let me use their computer and internet access to update this blog.  Right now I would like to put out a call and request to you all- I am open to be put up for the night by any of your willing friends or family who might live along Hwy 1.  I especially would like this in the urban areas around San Francisco.  I am taking the 1 instead of the 101 because it is cooler, more scenic, has less traffic, and has many more campgrounds.  I will probably be turning onto the 1 at Leggett on Tuesday morning. 

On Saturday my friend Rebecca Kimbel did a videotape interview of me.  I told the story of the Coders, the children, and the Walk.  She is going to try to get it aired on Humboldt Access- local public television.  She has connections there.  It will have some length- I talked for 30 to 40 minutes!  Can you imagine that?!?  And to think I used to be terrified of public speaking!  Now you can't shut me up!  So if it is going to air, it will be sometime in the future.  How's that for pinning that down?  I figure it's either going to rain or it isn't...(I'm studying to be a weather man!). 

Today I went to church in Ferndale at my old church from many years ago where my baby daughter was baptized.  Our Saviors Lutheran Church.  It was like stepping back in time!  It hadn't changed, and many of the same people were there!  I was intending to keep a low profile, but a lady I knew found out what I was up to, then stood up to introduce me at the coffee hour and next thing I knew I was standing up talking!!  Imagine that!!  I shared the Coder story, well-drilling, the children, the Walk, and how they could help, if they were interested.  It was a great service and once again- the people were great.  Thank you, Our Saviors!!!

Today I will continue packing and repacking until I get it right.  So far this pack feels much better.  I hope to "become one with the pack."  Please pray (no joke)!  You know, in my experience so far, with the people in the news that are walking, paddling, etc, and the people I've met who are walking and biking, I am the baby!  They are all doing far greater things than me.  I remember them, and I especially remember the children, and what they have already experienced in their short lives on the streets and in the orphanage... and I have no excuses.  Please pray for us all- the Coders, their children, me, my fellow travelers, and all of us who need to lean forward and step into faith and courage.  Friends, right now is the time we need to do this.....look around.

How about some pictures instead of just listening to me talk????  How does that sound? 
Cesar, Pedro, and Rosa (siblings).  What nice smiles!
Mauricio, Angel, and Fabiola (siblings).  More beautiful smiles!!
Gershon, Jesus, and Karen (siblings).  Beautiful children!  These three recently have been ordered to be returned to their mother.  Please pray for them.  So far it is off to a promising start.  Little Karen is the first missionary- she is reading the Bible to her mom!  Their mom also wants to keep in touch with the Coders!
Antonio!!  All by his lonesome (no sibs), but now part of a loving family!

Bob and Joyce Coder (a handsome couple!)  These are some courageous, faithful, and committed folks!
Me and my friend Sharon.  Thank you for everything Miss Sharon!! 
Me and my friend Emily (Sharon's daughter).  Thank you Em!!!!
Nice view from my friend Chris's home above Benbow!
Me on Hwy 271 above the Eel River- nice, huh? 

So now I am back to talking again!  I am now going to try to post a bunch of pictures on Facebook, so look there (Craig Mesman of Ferndale, CA)  I am not a whiz at all this stuff, so be patient! 

I think I have finally learned how to post a link the right way (instead of asking you to cut and paste), so now here is the link to Bob and Joyce's children's home in Honduras.  Please go there to learn about these people and how you can help them.  You can help me by spreading the word.  Their site is:

Okay, I'm getting tired of writing now!  I have to get back to work and preparation for tomorrow...

God Bless,

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