Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello from Gualala

I don't have much time so here goes.  I am in Gualala and continue to have a grand time.  The people I come across are very kind and hospitable.  Last night I walked in to Anchor Bay Campground and set up my tent.  I was about to go pay when a young man came up and told me that his father-in-law had a site up by the beach (the best spots).  I wasn't sure what he meant, so I got to talking to him to find out.  It turns out that this fine family was inviting me to stay at one of the sites that they had already paid for!  And they invited me for a dinner of fresh abalone that they had just dove for!  The young man is also from San Luis Obispo and he invited me over when I get down there.  The people who invited me are from Truckee and are Steve and Linda Kane- God bless them!  They and their daughter Sandy, and Sandy's husband Erik were all more than kind!  The kindness of strangers is very touching and is continually softening my heart. 

I'd write more but I need to vacate the room I am in soon. 

One last thing.  This morning I got up and had a great conversation with Steve (actually, yesterday when I was walking I thought, "I'd like to meet up with a family and sit down and eat and talk with them"- and guess what?  It happened!)  So this morning I was talking with Steve and he said one of those things that sticks- forever even.  He was talking about a dog he had that would follow him anywhere and do anything for him.  He said he could point out to the ocean and that dog would swim straight to Japan unless he told him to turn around!  What Steve said that stuck was this, "That dog would go wherever I pointed because he knew that that's where his reward was."  Think about that for a minute.  Does that strike you?  The dog obeyed his master because he knew and trusted him and knew that where he was being sent was where he knew he was meant to be and that his reward would be at the end.  Isn't that a picture of us and our Master?  Steve is God and I am the dog--- we are the dog....................

So, greetings from Gualala, California
Please spread this word for the Coder kids, I need your help to help them all,
God Bless,


  1. Hi Craig,,Glad to hear your doing well,,,meeting lots of angels, Hopefully they will be touched enough to help the kids and or spread the word.
    You are doing your part!!!!
    Be Safe and Blessed, in Jesus name.. Amen

  2. Craig:
    Great to see your walk is going so well. Sounds like a blast meeting new people. There must be times of discouragement too. Wanted to know I have been reading your blog. I am also using you and your journey in my sermon this week.
    Your friend from MacKerricker
    Tony Beuving

  3. Craig
    just came across a newsletter article that mentioned this product,

  4. funny you mentioned the dog....I saw a hiker with a dog and thought you should have one too. glad to see you're using paragraphs and the walk is going well.