Friday, October 1, 2010

Surprise!!!!!! Today is Friday, Oct 1 and I'm sitting at my computer at home!!

Surprise!!  I'm at home right now.  Em came and picked me up just south of the new Confusion Hill bridge last night.  Let me explain...................

On Wednesday evening my good friend Sharon found me as she was coming home from visiting her parents down south.  She picked me up and delivered me to Richardson Grove State Park, and fed me too!!  It was great to see her.  Thank you Sharon!  I got up in the morning and headed out- another beautiful day.  Very sunny and very warm.  I am pleased with my body- my feet and legs are doing well!  I am actually doing very well with the sun and the heat too, which is surprising since I am fair-skinned and don't do well in the sun or the heat!  Someone upstairs is helping!  However, the pack is heavy and uncomfortable, as it has been the whole way so far.  At Richardson's Grove I found that the metal bars inside my pack had already pushed out through the bottom of their pockets, and would soon wear through the bottom of the pack and dig into the back of my legs.  So I took them out and left them!  As I was walking along beautiful Hwy 271, which runs parallel to Hwy 101, I had to take frequent stops, as the pack was hurting between my shoulders.  I thought about what I could get rid of and it occurred to me that I could send my netbook computer home- I could probably use other people's computers along the way.  I love walking, but it is hard to enjoy the journey when experiencing continual discomfort.  I have not been able to become "one with the pack."  I sat under an overpass and sent a text to Sharon.  It said, "I am seriously considering a bike."  She called back right away and was very supportive.  "We can get you a new pack, or a bike, whatever we need to do."  Thank you Sharon!  Down the road I got to talking to a man named Charlie.  I told him what I was up to and my experiences, and he said, "Have you ever heard of cowboy logic?"  I replied "yes."  He said, "Cowboy logic would be to get a bike."  So now I'm walking along and my phone rings.  It is Sharon and she says, "How about we have Em come and get you tonight so that you can make adjustments?"  I said okay.  I continued along and got back on the 101.  As I was taking a break along the road I saw a pair of cyclists on the other side heading south.  The woman was up front and waved as she went by, then the man following gave me a "ringy-dingy" on his bike bell!  Little things like that are very encouraging when out like I am.  I find myself thankful for things like shade, a breeze, WATER, other people, even passing cars and the breeze that provides!  Anyways, I crossed a bridge that is just north of the new Confusion Hill bridge and I saw the cyclists along the side of the road up ahead- the ones that had just passed me a short while ago.  I got closer and saw that she was standing along the road with her thumb up- to try to hitch a ride.  I came up to them and asked what was going on- I was a little confused about a cyclist thumbing a ride!!  We introduced ourselves and they are a young married couple named Dan and Morenys from the U.K.  They were living in Canada, where they gave up their jobs and apartment to do this trip.  They had started up in Canada and had not taken a rest day yet!  When I found them, Morenys had just "hit the wall" and had broke down a bit.  She just couldn't face going up the hill ahead and was hoping for a ride from someone who would take her and her bike up.  I told them that I had a friend that was coming to pick me up soon.  I called Em and caught her only about 10 minutes before she was to leave in her car!  I asked Em to get my truck instead.  Dan left Morenys with me as he traveled down the road, with the arrangement of meeting us up ahead.  In the meantime I had a great visit with Morenys as we waited.  They are up against a strict schedule of getting to San Francisco by a certain time so they can make their train.  She was looking at 70 to 80 mile days- longer than they had had, and when she was already pooped!  Dan wanted to be able to do the entire route; Morenys was willing to take a bus ahead!  So Em showed up and we loaded up Morenys and myself and headed down the road to meet Dan.  To shorten the story, Dan accepted my offer to take them about 60 miles south to Willits.  We got there and had dinner together and had a great time.  They rented a motel room.  I could tell that Dan was disappointed that he was "passing up" that 60 miles, but that gave them an extra day and allowed them to stay together and be back on time.  They thanked Em and I immensely, but it was a pleasure to help them out.  We talked about my considering switching to a bike and they were very supportive and helpful with tips and advice.  They told me that many people along the way would stop and ask them about where they came from and where they were going.  They said that, along with my banner signs, would be a great way to get the conversation going about the Coder Kids.  So today I am going to pray, and to look into my options.  I may get another pack, or I may get a bike with a trailer.  I know that Hwy 1 is more isolated than the 101, but it has many more campsites and the opportunity for friendship with other cyclists.  Carrying enough food and not knowing where more is available is, I admit, a significant concern with me.  But it makes me think about those children and when they lived on the streets in Honduras.  Use your imagination- you know what I mean. So, bless you Dan and Morenys- may you have a great trip and a wonderful life together wherever you find your new home in the U.K.!!!!  Thank you again Em......and to everyone else who has been so hospitable to me!  It is humbling and refreshing........

  Whew!  Is that a long explanation or what?!?  Now, check something out that is great!!!!  Go to the Widows Mite blog at (cut and paste in your browser) and read Bob's blog for Wed, Sept. 29, 2010.  He is responding to when I finally told him what I was up to- which I just did on Wed morning.   Please go to it and read it.  I also ask all of you to be creative in finding ways to help raise funds for these children.  It is a team effort- I am doing what I can, so I ask you to please use your gifts and abilities to figure out ways you can reach people.  I don't want people to feel guilty or obligated.  This is for people who are touched and want to help.  What the Coders need is regular, dependable support, even if it is small.  Thank you and bless you............

Lastly, I was interviewed on local channel 3 a number of days ago.  If you are interested, you can view it on line by going to the following address: (cut and paste in your browser)

Wow!  Are you done listening to me now?!?
Thank you and God bless you,
Craig  (don't forget to leave comments or e-mail me at


  1. Good .....Gods plan is never what we think it is, or is it and we take detours? Wish he would send an email....... Good luck keep going......

    I have forward "The Walk" to some significant
    co-workers and supervisors, at my employment..
    one way to get the word out.... Be Well, Be Safe
    in Jesus name, Amen.......mary

  2. would a heavy-duty pack made for tough hiking work out better? What about hiking shoes designed for the rigors of varied terrain and daily miles?

  3. Hi Craig! I am Bob and Joyce's daughter Nicole. Thank you so much for your sacrifice! It is so good to know that there are such wonderful people out there! God bless you and your walk (or ride if that's what it ends up being). I hope to meet you someday soon!

  4. Sound like things are about to get interesting Craig.