Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello again from San Francisco Friday Oct 29

Hello!  Thanks for tuning in again!

I am still at the Ft. Mason hostel in San Francisco.  I seem to be a bit stalled here!  It is a fun and interesting environment- there are people here from all over the world.  It is a great experience to get to know them.  Actually, what I have spent most of my time doing is sitting in front of this thing- a computer!  There is a long counter here with 5 pay computers on it.  I swipe my VISA card to use the computer........and to go cross-eyed!  I have been trying to rustle up some media coverage and so far my success is ZERO!  On the bright side I am on a steep learning curve regarding the writing of a press release, how to distribute it, where to distribute it, and how to actually get it in front of someone who will perhaps pay attention to it.  The news here is not like the news back home in Humboldt County!  Here they do not have wide open channels through their doors, phones, or internet access.  Things are tighter here.  I'm sure that the abundance of people dictates that- there are probably some very interesting people that would like to get in the news here, and so access is restricted!!  I also am here at a very inopportune time for my cause- at the same time as elections and the WORLD SERIES!  You probably know that San Francisco and Texas are in the series.  It is a great time to be here though.  I was sitting in the dining commons yesterday when the Blue Angels screamed by just outside the window.  The stadium is just right around the corner on the bay from where I am staying.  People are driving around screaming, "Giants!!!"  This will be a crazy place if they win.  So far they are off to a very good start!

The weather here is unsettled and it rained last night.  Today was decent, but it looks like tomorrow it is threatening some real rain!  So I am still undecided as to what to do- hole up again or set out!?!  I am enjoying myself but am getting the itch to get going again.  This media-chasing thing is frustrating.  I will leave it in God's hands for Him to work it out as it is meant to be.  I tried and have done about all that I know how to do.  It probably would have been a good idea to have learned how to do this before I left, and also to have done some of it too, but it will be okay.  Maybe the media comes later, or not at all.  Who knows.  I still think the best way is the way I've been doing it- using all of you to spread the word via the internet.  What I find frustrating is that here I am in the middle of tons of people, and it is difficult to try to reach them.  I guess I feel that I should be making my best effort here and now because I am in the middle of a huge population center...

Here is something that I want to write about that is on my heart.  I have served in a homeless ministry back home for over a year.  I see the homeless here and on my walk.  I met and got to know Molly.  I see people looking at me and I know what some of them are thinking- "homeless guy with stroller."  I know from experience that we cannot stereotype homeless people- they do not all fit into the same category.  Some choose their lifestyle- some don't.  Some would like to get out of where they are- some wouldn't.  It actually is judgemental on our part to try to determine just what is best for them.  We pity them because we perceive that they do not have the material things that we think they should have- you know, the things we have.  I know from my walk so far that we really don't need that many things.  I carry everything that I actually need.  Food, water, shelter.  I can't help but think about the people out there that don't have these basic necessities.  Molly told me that people feel bad when they don't make eye contact with a homeless person.  She said they feel bad because they know they should look.  She said God is trying to make them look, so that they will see, and maybe then they will care.  I am not trying to make you feel bad or guilty, but there are those of us out there who are on the margins of society.  People who are human, but really aren't considered one of us.  What do we do about that?  I don't know that I have the answer.  I do know that oftentimes we treat stray animals better than we treat street people.  You know that's true.  We wished that they would just go away.  I help them when I can.  I am happy when I really helped them, and am upset if I feel like I have been "played."  I don't know what the answer is, but I do know this- we cannot rest until we do come up with an answer.  The whole human family is only as healthy as its weakest member- whether that member is an orphan, an elderly person, or a person living on the streets.  When I read all that I just wrote I realize that I have just judged also.  We assume that since street people don't have what we have then they are probably not happy.  Some of the people living on the streets are happy.  I know from talking with them and getting to know them that some of them have their priorities straight.  They know God.  They trust God and have faith in Him.  God is their protector and provider in a way that some other people do not value or even care to know.  I know from experience that some of these homeless people are much more blessed than the people that pity them, because they know God- not all of them, but many of them.  How strong is my faith?  How strong is your faith?  How much do I really love God?  How much do you really love God?  What would we do if we lost everything?  What if all you had was your faith?  Would it be enough to keep you happy?  Do you value it that much?  Do you know that God loves you and will provide for you if you have faith in Him?  Things, material things, comfort, possessions, jobs, prestige, status, intelligence, looks, mates, money.....all the things we have because we believe we have earned them or deserve them......where are we and who are we if we don't have those things????????????  Can you use your imagination to put yourself in that place- the place where you don't have??  Maybe that is how we can start to come up with a suitable answer..........

Thank you for tuning in,
God Bless,

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