Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello from Bodega Bay Dunes!

Hello all!  I am sitting in my friend Karen's SUV typing this in a parking lot in Sebastopol, California!  Karen is a friend of mine who recently moved down to Santa Rosa.  She drove out to the coast yesterday to meet me and took me into town today so I could do laundry, get some good rain pants, get a safety vest, and get some groceries.  I am enjoying her company.  Thank you Karen!!

I continue to have a grand time.  The people I meet are wonderful- I can truly say I have not met a "stinker" yet!  I figure that I have walked about 210 miles and I am currently less than 70 miles from San Francisco!!!  Hard to believe that I have actually walked all that way!  Soon I will be half way! 

I received a wonderful e-mail from Fabiola yesterday (and one today too).  She is one of the children in Honduras.  She has recently turned 13 and so is officially a teenager now!  She is a very sweet young lady and it is her picture I wear on a banner sign that says, "I love you Craig, don't forget me!"  Thank you for the e-mail, Fabi................

So, what have I learned lately?  Hmmmmmm.........  God is good.  But we already know that.  God is continually good- now that may be a little harder to always know.  God will be good, always, in the future.......... it is hardest to trust this, at least that is what I find.  We look back and can see that He provided in the past (yesterday).  We look and see that He provided today.  But it is difficult to trust that He will provide tomorrow.  If you agree, you are in the company of many of the Hebrews escaping Egypt.  Not necessarily a good thing!!!!  It cost them their entry into the promised land, didn't it?  I continually find that my faith needs to be a verb.  It is something that I have to "do."  There is work to be done- and it is good and rewarding work.  God needs us to trust Him enough to step out.  This "stepping out" implies the future, doesn't it?  You can only step forward  into something.  I know that I have done something that I have observed in other people as well.  And that is to worry so much about how what we want may not happen, or to worry about how what we don't want will happen, that we are paralyzed and don't move forward.  This happens in everyday life- in lives that aren't even in touch with the Father.  So how much more ought the believers step forward to help our Father and His Son promote His Kingdom!  He is looking to us to actively trust Him, to love Him, and to especially love our neighbors.  The rewards of doing so every day are tremendous!!  It is not the world that has gone astray, but it is people's hearts that have gone astray.  God is good......................

Good night,
God Bless,

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