Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello from Ft. Bragg again!! Saturday October 9

Hello there!!!!

You know that nice lady I wrote about yesterday named Laura?  I am sitting on her couch typing this on her laptop!  I walked back into town today from MacKerricher State Park- a beautiful walk, but I have to confess that my back between the shoulder blades hurts!  I thought about a bike again, and also about :Laura's desire she voiced yesterday about me coming to her church.  I thought I would be further down the road by Sunday, but here I am still!  I went into her shop (The Posh Pauper) when I got into Fort Bragg.  She smiled and was happy to see me.  She introduced me to some friends that she said she was just talking to about me.  I got to talking to her and told her that I was still contemplating a bike and that I had some other things to still take care of in town.  She offered to let me spend the night and gave me a key to her shop and  home!!  Bless you Laura!  She is going to take me to church tomorrow and is talking to the Pastor right now about letting me speak there.  I got to talking to many of her good friends and found that one is from Lynwood, CA- where I was born and lived until I was 10!  Most of her friends that came into the shop during the time I was visiting go to her church.  They are all fine Christian ladies and it was so nice to see their friendship amongst themselves and to also have it shared with me.  I feel very blessed by all my experiences so far. 

I shopped around for some things I needed, and also visited the bike shop in town again.  You all are probably getting tired of hearing this go-round about a bike.  Bike, walk, bike, walk, bike.....?!?  I will keep praying and thinking about it and He'll give me an answer some how, some way. 

Last night I made dinner in camp and then went and sat by a light near the bathrooms so that I could write in my journal.  As I returned to my campsite in the dark, I saw a small light just past my campsite.  It was someone wearing a headlamp.  We approached eachother and I said, "You must have got in late.  Are you a cyclist?"  He said yes and we introduced ourselves.  His name is Gabriel and he is from Canada (Montreal, I believe).  It was his 20th birthday!  I grabbed the cookies I had just bought and said, "How about some birthday cookies?"  We sat at his picnic table and talked about a lot of things until about 11 pm.  He had bought an older 10-speed bike and hopped on it in Seattle and decided to ride down to the Bay Area to get his girlfriend!  Another amazing cyclist!  He told me that he had already hitchhiked the width and breadth of Canada!  This young man has already accomplished some amazing things.  I found it very easy to talk to him and we talked about all sorts of things.  I shared what I was doing with him, and I also shared what I believe and my faith in God with him.  I am finding that it is a real blessing to both share my faith with someone, and also to hear them share their faith with me.  We build each other up in our faith because we share a very powerful, common belief.  That is another thing to be thankful for, isn't it?  You know, I don't know what Gabriel looks like!!!  It was dark and we both had our headlamps on.  When we sat down, I turned mine off and he turned his to the side a bit.  Under those conditions, you can't make out any details even across the table.  This morning he slept in, and so I still don't know just what he looks like.  Gabriel, if you are tuning in- thank you for the visit, and may God bless you richly my young friend! 

My friend Karen from Fortuna moved to Santa Rosa several months ago.  I have been in contact with her and she said that when I get down the coast by Santa Rosa, she will come out to the coast and camp with me!  That will be nice!  Thank you Karen!

When this walk (or ride- who knows?) is over, somehow, somewhere, sometime--and I return home to Ferndale, I don't know what I will do then.  I have been saying that I will see what God has in store for me then- we will see.  However, there is one thing that I want to do, and that is to be much more hospitable to others- in my own home, wherever that may be.  My home does not have to be quiet and lonely anymore. 

I encourage you all to take a stand against fear today.  Find something that scares you and lean in to it.  Push against it.  Give it to God and invest a little more trust in Him.  Look in the mirror and look for fear deep down in those eyes.  Bring it to the surface and look at it.  Is anything too big for God to handle?  We can't conquer all our fears today, but with each small fear we conquer, we get stronger and braver.  We are afraid to put ourselves out there- in a place where we may have to trust someone, a stranger.  Sometimes we get burned, but look at all the times when we don't get burned- in fact, we get blessed!  What I am putting out there, and the risks I have taken...all have been tremendously blessed and rewarded already!  You don't have to walk 500 miles, but you do need to risk.  When you risk, others see and sense your vulnerability, and most people identify with that.  The rewards are great.  Take a stand against fear in the media, take a stand against fear in the news, take a stand against fear that others consciously spread...take a stand against fear.  Sometimes fear is good, but discern between "good" and "bad" fear.  Is fear keeping you in "the box"?  Is fear keeping you from a richer relationship with God?  Is fear isolating you from your neighbor?  Is fear causing you to vote a certain way?  Is fear keeping you in the house?  Does fear keep you from living a fuller life- one where your faith and trust in God is your strength?  I could go on, but I want you to take a good look at fear.  Fear makes us retreat and recede, and under those conditions God cannot direct or bless us.  God can only steer a moving ship, otherwise that rudder is just flopping around.  Think about it..........

Good night and God bless,


  1. Craig....I must admit this is the first time I have checked out your blog...I will check in now from time to time...You won't believe this but this is the third time I have attempted to write a comment...each time at the end of my message back to you my computer has gone blank and I have lost my lengthly response to you....Wierd..Anyway, thank you for your challenge to look at "risk" and "fear"....I shall consider that...didn't Roosevelt say...The only thing we have to fear is fear itself? Holding back...staying safe...staying in the box....fearful to let go and let God...Your mission is a living sermon for us all. Right now Mike is watching the Standford/USC game...(he is a big college ball fan as he played all four years at San Jose State)By the way a very close game..They highlighted a very passionate player for Stanford...I think his name is Murisick..he is the only player in the nation right now that is playing both offense and defense...he also has a 3.88 GPA in Micro Biology. He has also cracked 3 helmets so far. His coach asked him to sign one of his cracked helmets for him in his office. Murisick signed it something like...Whatever you leave inside, you loose forever! Now that is where risk meets fear and plunges through! We should pour ourselves out, completely, HE WILL FILL US BACK UP WITH HIS FULLNES!!! Enjoy it Bro! Cheryl Wells...and thank you for the birthday wish!

  2. On Bike or on Foot,the Word is being spread....
    Be Well Be Safe,, in Jesus name......Amen