Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello from Point Arena!!! Thursday October 14, 2010

Hello all,

Don't forget that you can leave comments for me in this blog.  I appreciate them.  I am doing very well and am having a great time, but your encouragement is much appreciated.

I am sitting in the library in Point Arena, along with three cyclists using the computers just like me.  Two are from the Netherlands and Jamie from Seattle.  I met more bikers last night in my campground and talked with several more this morning.  They are a great group of people- very encouraging, adventurous, and supportive.  We have mutual respect!  I spent the night at the Manchester KOA campground, for free, compliments of Yolanda!  Thank you Yolanda! 

As Sharon said, the night before I spent in Elk.  But before I tell you that story, I want to tell you about a guy I met in Albion.  He walked up to me and we struck up a conversation.  I found that he had been hitchhiking and travelling from back east.  I always ask travellers how their experience with people is, and has been.  Flint answered that he had never had a bad experience, and that he noticed that what he experienced during the day depended a lot on what was going on in his mind and heart.  "If I am afraid, or doubtful, or worried, it seems like the day just doesn't work out.  I tell myself in the morning that everything is going to work out as it should and that it will all be okay, and it is."  Thank you Flint!  I thanked him for sharing with me something that I could certainly use, and said good-bye.  It was timely advice because I didn't know where I was going to stay that night.  His words I knew were true, so I found myself enjoying the beautiful day and relaxing the walk.  I prayed along the way that God would lead me to a kind soul in Elk.  And He did!!!!  Now I will tell you about it......I arrived in Elk in the late afternoon and met a man named Brad in front of a cafe.  I asked about a place to stay and he referred me to a state park down the road where you can't camp, but where cyclists sometimes do.  I walked on down the road just a little ways when I noticed a man carrying a plastic bag walking towards me.  He said, "Hey, how about some tea and toast!"  Amen!  I was blown away!  He said that he had seen me down the road a while back and figured I'd be in town in about an hour!  His name is Norman and his house is right across Highway 1 from the state park.  I sat in his kitchen and talked with him and his friend Gary, as Norman told us stories about his visit to Honduras 10 years ago.  He called the local radio station and set up an interview for me the next morning!  He showed me a little campsite at the top of a steep cliff overlooking the ocean and I spent a beautiful night there with the sound of the surf below.  In the morning he fixed us pancakes and eggs for breakfast- thank you Norman.  God bless you and Gary.  He also offered me a night's stay on his sailboat in Sausalito when I pass by there.  God provides!  He provides through the kindness of one person to another.  I will remember that.......

I have been blessed with great weather!!  After I left Elk, I put a sleeveless shirt on for the first time.  It was hot!  I made my way to the KOA campground in Manchester and was thrilled to get cleaned up- myself and my clothes.  I continue to meet great people along the way and in the campgrounds.  Fellow travellers are great! 

The stroller is working great!  My back is thanking me and I am enjoying the walk.  "Walk and Roll!"  (Hello Laura, if you are reading this).  I am seeing lots of beautiful country and am taking lots of pictures. 

The fear and doubt that I had written about earlier is diminishing.  Part of it is because of the absence of the backpack.  Physical pain has a way of predominating in the mind, and it leads to negative thinking.  But mostly, I believe, I am gaining faith and courage as I go- which is part of what this walk was about in the first place.  People are responding very favorably to what this walk is all about - the Coder Kids, God, faith, and courage.  The people I meet are bolstering my faith and courage, so I want to give them all a heartfelt "thank-you".  It is our example that attracts people to what we believe, and not what we say we believe.  Who was it that said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" - he was right.  The Bible talks a lot about fear and trust, doesn't it?  Sometimes it is hard to believe and to be hopeful, but I want to share that I have met very good people- in church, along the road.....everywhere.  It is like Flint said, it depends on what is going on inside of yourself.  So I am experiencing this goodness because, I believe, I am doing something good.  Something to always remember...........

Thanks for tuning in,
God Bless,

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  1. Yes, Craig I am reading this and will continue to read it everyday until you reach your destination. I love reading how God is providing for you and I would love to see all these fabulous pictures you're taking someday. Your journaling will allow you a book at the end, and the pictures will be awesome. That coastline between here and Point Arena is some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Prayers continue from Fort Bragg!!! Big Hugs, Laura