Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello from Olema RV park and campground!

Here I am, sitting in the office of the Olema RV park and campground, writing to you courtesy of a nice lady named Judy.  I had a fairly long walk yesterday, so I was happy to get here.  Yesterday I walked along the eastern shore of Tomales Bay- a long, narrow bay where the San Andreas fault runs out into the Pacific Ocean.  It is a beautiful area and I thoroughly enjoyed my walk!  I love walking.  You just can't experience the land and the people like you can when you walk- in fact, I get to see things that most people miss, like every dead deer, skunk, raccoon, and well as finding almost every lost penny!!!!!!!!!  But seriously, it is grand.  I have some great pictures.  I get to see photo opportunities that people driving miss.  Sometimes there are breathtaking views of the coast that are framed perfectly by a hole in the trees- something you just won't see while driving.  I also have great pictures of all the great people I've met. 

Guess what?  I knew it probably would happen, but has not until's raining!  Not hard, just a light sprinkling.  I have good rain gear and my own little flashing red light, so I am good to go!

As I walk, I cross back and forth across the two-lane highway.  I try not to walk on the inside of tight turns.  Someone cutting the corner won't see me until they're right on me, so I try to avoid that situation.  I walk through turns by walking on the outside of the bend.  When I approach a turn, I wait until the cars that just went through it get far enough away so that I can "hear" the turn.  I can't see around a turn, but I can hear around it.  When it sounds clear, I cross to the other side of the road before going around the bend.  This made me think about Jesus when he spoke.  Remember how he would say, "Let those who have ears hear"?  Listening is important.  Sometimes more important than seeing.  I can't always see around an obstacle, but I can sometimes hear around an obstacle.  That realization helps me in other areas of my life.  The Bible says, "We walk by faith, not by sight."  We also need to listen.  We know that God doesn't shout.  His is a still, small voice.  I can't force myself to hear around the turn, I have to be patient and wait for the noise to clear so that I can listen for good direction, and it comes.............

I continue to meet great people.  This morning a nice lady in an RV started talking to me and gave me breakfast.  Her name is Ve-anne and she needs some prayer- her family needs some healing and help.  Keep them in your prayers please......

I'm getting ready to head east to take on the Bay Area!!  Please continue to keep me in your prayers and pray that I get through this area and accomplish all that I am supposed to accomplish while there...........

Please continue to pass on the word for the Coders and the children.  Remember, please, that this whole thing is a long-term need, meaning that it is a long-term commitment.  One-time gifts are great, but the need continues until the last child is raised up.

Thank you for staying tuned in,
God Bless,

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